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In framework of our activities and service we pay a great attention to after sales service. It is ensured by our workers which have been trained directly by the producer. We give new suggestions and reliable technical solutions for by us delivered equipment to our customers.

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Fire brigade

Truck 815/7 with container carrier Multilift MSH165 and hydraulic cranes Hiab

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Czech police has new vehicles in logistics transportation area for transport of hazardous materials. Vehicles were co-financed from the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund under the Integrated Operational Program.

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Support of BUGGYRA team on Dakar 2016 - escort vehicle  Tatra Phoenix with container carrier Multilift XR20.

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Ostrava office

Contsystem s.r.o.

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List of service centers

CompanyAddressContact personPhoneE-mail
FISS, spol. s r.o. Jaroslav Fiala, Sobotovice 168 Jaroslav Fiala 606 880
CH+S SERVIS, s.r.o. Bystrá čp.1720, 193 00 Praha 9 Josef Chytil 603 898 244
Michal Čerešna Dlouhá Lhota 13, 294 05 Michal Čerešna 725 169 880
Okrouhlický s.r.o. Zemědělská 1131, 500 03 Hradec Králové Petr Kacafírek 602 503
KMH servis s.r.o. Václavovická 1566, 739 34 Šenov Radim Holaň 737 254
Hrbáček s.r.o. Klenčí pod Čerchovem 340, 345 34 Josef Tichý 737 222
Serviscentrum Vysočina, s. r. o. Kosovská 457/10, 586 01 Jihlava Tomáš Reitermann 602 724
Lesostavby Frýdek - Místek a.s. Slezská 2766, 738 32 Frýdek Místek Radek Uher 602 704
UMIKOV CZ s.r.o. Libáň 26, 538 25 Nasavrky Martin Matouš 774 585 375
Autoimpex spol. s r.o. Kpt. Jaroše 79, 595 01 Velká Bíteš Ing. Zbyněk Schwarzbach 602 693
KALDO s. r. o.Nemanická 2819,370 10 České BudějoviceMiroslav Ira 602 431
AZ TOP SERVIS s.r.o.areál ČSAD Nepomuk, Blatenská 222Ladislav Balík724 880 100


The company was established in 2007 and it focused on support of Steelbro products sales. After several months, the business activities of the company were spread to sales of Hiab Ltd. products. Subsequently in 2008, the portfolio was extended to assembling work and service providing for the supplied products.

Within the scope of the provided services, the company lays great stress on sales and after-sales services, which are provided by employees trained directly at the manufacturer's site. We want to propose new and reliable technical solutions with products supplied by us to our customers in advance. Owing to the increasing tendency towards use of container transportation, we offer products of world leading companies allowing handling containers among various kinds of transportation.

ISO certificates

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Our services

Hydraulic cranes and compilers

The vast product portfolio of Cargotec brings perfect solutions to effective and safe transportation, lifting, loading and unloading of material, equipment or raw materials. The presented product lines include complete product offer intended for goods loading and supply: container systems, crane for forestry and material recycling, forwarding cranes, cargolifts and ceiling crabs. We provide our customers with optimum solutions to handling technology which meets their requirements exactly.

Container system Multilift – hooklifts, skiploaders

Kontejnerový systém Multilift

Producer Hiab - Multilift as a leader in this segment offers an unrivalled experience in development and production of equipment for containers handling. Multilift container system makes possible that one lorry can realize a range of various works because of possibility to use various container types and size. Multilift container systém, which includes hooklifts and skiploaders, is the leader of worldwide market thanks its outstanding reliability and high productivity. Thanks to its wide-ranging offer of various characteristics this system makes possible to offer products corresponding to the needs of all our customers.

Truck mounted forklift Moffett Mounty

Moffett Mounty

Truck-mounted forklifts are usually fixed to the rear part of a truck or to its loading platform, from which they can be dismantled in less than one minute. Goods can then be transported to the final destination in a lot of various ways. Compared to the common industrial high-lift trucks, the truck-mounted forklifts are lighter, more moveable and they can be used in difficult-accessible locations, for example building sites. The offer of truck-mounted forklifts includes lifting capacity up to 3.5 tons.

Loader cranes Hiab

Spediční jeřáby Hiab

The product portfolio of forwarding cranes Hiab includes cranes covering the whole range of required lifting capacities. The XS concept allows you specification of the crane – exactly, according to your individual requirements. The lifting capacities of the presented cranes vary from 1 to almost 1000 tonne meters, and with the possibility of unloading from 2 meters thru 30 meters. Hiab company offers altogether five various control systems. It depends on model of crane which of control systems could be selected. Whereas every system guarantees outstanding manipulation with load in a whole scope of use, every extention of scope brings allways more perfect qualities.Hiab company developed many safety elements which are designed in this way to watch all crane movements. They are designed in order to interfere at minimum to the control of crane carried on by crew. In case of need the system undertakes certain steps and it stops thoughtfully and softly the crane. Safety systems are permanently active in the background and as far as the crane is used by usual way, the crew even cannot observe them.

Forestry cranes Loglift, Jonsered

Lesní jeřáby Loglift

Forestry cranes of Swedish producer HIAB-LOGLIFT and JONSERED are first-rate equipment specially designed for all kinds of works with timbers and various kinds of material which can be griped by grab. Forestry crane LOGLIFT/ JONSERED on a truck chassis presents the ideal solution for timber manipulation. Lifting moment of forestry crane LOGLIFT/ JONSERED is equable in all points of outreach– thereby is different from the other competitors. Slewing mechanism of column is placed in a oil bath and its double rack and gear pinion permit a rotation of crane in the scope of 425°. The foot of column and base of crane with 4-points bridge span are produced from malleable cast iron. Hereby it is guaranted a low curb weight and optimal tension distribution, weld points absence guarantees a higher resistence against material fatigue. Supporting crossbar ET 370 is designed as a complete with column-foot and the forestry crane HIAB-LOGLIFT/ JONSERED is hence fixed to the chassis in four points – it increases a solidity of frame against twisting. This type of crane is charcterized by excelent rate of loading capacity and own weight, by a long service life and high speed of working movements. I tis designed according to load class DIN 15018 H1B4 – category for high performance in operation (a big number of working cycles during a shift – working cycles for 600 000 movements – professional solution). HIAB LOGLIFT/ JONSERED is providing the 3 year warranty for its structure by one-shift operation and by work 8 hours per day as maximum (it is one of the longest warranties for forestry cranes). Crane LOGLIFT/ JONSERED copes without any problems with hardest operation in handling of material at dumps, in scrap yards, by loading on railway wagons.

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Steelbro sidelifters can handle ISO containers of various sizes. Normally they can be used for handling 10´, 20, 30´ and 40´-long ISO containers. The device structure allows handling containers with a weight of up to 40 tons, to transload from road to railway vehicles, to stack containers up to the height of one floor. The machine can be installed either on separate vehicles (handling containers to 20´) or to trailers (handling containers up to 40´ or 45´).

Functions of the Steelbro Equipment on Roads

With Steelbro sidelifters, container handling is much easier. Container road transport, including their loading and unloading, is fully independent of heavy lifting devices. This device can handle fully loaded containers, without being dependent on availability of a lifting device. Eliminating this fact, we can reach a higher turnover of handled containers in one cycle, thus increasing effectiveness of the service with reducing of staff costs.


Functions of the Steelbro Equipment on Railways

Steelbro sidelifters are an ideal solution to loading and unloading of containers from railway carriages, as they do not need any expensive road-traffic infrastructure. Only space for container loading and unloading is required. Goods and products can be loaded into a container using a high-lift truck from the ground level, without any need to build quays or any other facilities. This loading technology avoids handling a container and shortens process times for loading. In addition, the sidelifter Steelbro can be used as a device for unloading of containers from railway carriages and, subsequently, for loading onto other means of road transport. The sidelifter Steelbro is an easy as well as flexible solution to container unloading, independent of the size of a transport operation.


Functions of the Steelbro Equipment in the Army

The ability of the sidelifter of container self-loading and self-unloading lowers the need for high-lift trucks and other heavy-duty equipment, whose abilities are limited by difficult terrain conditions, which then leads to problems in supplying. Using the Steelbro sidelifter eliminates these problems. The Steelbro sidelifter can be used for loading of ammunition for moving artillery during peace trainings as well as in the period of military conflicts. Its versatility is very important for handling on railways, for supplies of weapons or materials for military hospitals.

The Steelbro sidelifter is able to supply material support to army units quickly and safely, using containers sized 20-40 feet and capacity of up to 36 tons.

Under changeable conditions of a battlefield the Steelbro sidelifter is a quick and flexible solution to distribution of ammunition and fuel reserves, medical supplies and food to strategic areas.


Our services

Military sector

Under changeable conditions of a battle field, the presented sidelifters and hydraulic cranes completed with ceiling high-lift trucks are very fast and flexible solution to distribution of ammunition reserves, fuel reserves, medical supplies and food to strategic areas of operating units. The abilities of the presented equipment eliminates the need for high-lift trucks and other heavy-duty equipment, whose abilities are limited by difficult terrain conditions, which then leads to problems in supplying. If this equipment is engaged actively, these problems are avoided. The equipment can be used for loading of ammunition for moving artillery during peace trainings as well as in the period of military conflicts. Its versatility is very important for handling on railways, for supplies of weapons or materials for military hospitals.

Hydraulic cranes Hiab

As required by the military sector, the specially developed hydraulic crane for low-rise constructions, which fully meets the demanding operational conditions. With respect to its unique construction, this technology can be transported in army freight planes after installation of this crane onto road vehicles. The maximum crane jib weight is as high as 35 tonne meters, with the possibility of their completing with an electronic crab winch.

Multilift MSH 165

Technical Specifications of Multilift: MSH-165-CS

  • possibility of loading and unloading, and transportation of ISO 668 – ISO1C and ISO1CC containers
  • containers according to DIN30722, containers according to the NATO standard 20413
  • holder behind the cab for installation of the H-frame for transportation of other containers
  • tiltable hook at a crane body, incl. installation of a tiltable H-frame
  • possibility of railway transportation and transportation on C-130 Hercules planes


Maximum load capacity: 36 tons (79,400ibs)

Containers: 20´

Application: Empty and full containers, including railway transloading ability

The SB361 model is a multipurpose low-cost machine having the same function as the range SB330, and with a higher lifting capacity of 36 tons. The maximum radius is 4 m, which is the best for the machines in this category.

The hydraulic and electric systems are fed through vehicle aggregates. An internationally approved remote control with an appropriately long cable is taken for granted. A radio-controlled remote control is available as an option.

The design of SB360 allows easy stacking of two high cubic containers one over the other and transload from a trailer to another trailer or from a trailer to a railway car. This model is often used in railway terminals. Special stabilization feet and hydraulic braces of upper lifting frames make handling containers from/to railway cars possible.

Our services

Service and consulting

Servicing of product Hiab

  • Installation and comprehensive service of the Hiab Multilift for army units and state authorities
  • Installation and comprehensive service of the Hiab hydraulic cranes and equipment for loading of the Multilift containers
  • Offer of genuine spare parts for repairs and service directly from manufacturers of the equipment taken for granted

Servicing of product Steelbro

  • Installation and comprehensive service of all Steelbro products
  • Offer of genuine spare parts for repairs and service directly from manufacturers of the equipment taken for granted

Servicing of product Tatra

  • Service for all Tatra vehicles
  • Offer of genuine spare parts for repairs and service directly from manufacturers of the equipment taken for granted

We are building new service center in Ostrava.
The planned opening is of the first quarter 2017.