New Fire & Rescue vehicles equipped with HIAB and MULTILIFT


Czech dealer and authorized service center of Hiab, company CONTSYSTEM has just delivered new HIAB cranes on TATRA Phoenix chassis to Czech Fire Brigades of Vysočina Region and new MULTILIFT hooklifts on TATRA chassis to Rescue Unit of the Czech Fire Brigades in Moravian-Silesian Region. New vehicles will be used for various fire & rescue operations and for the transport of various material. 

Photo CONTSYSTEM s.r.o.: The photo shows newly delivered HIAB cranes HIAB X-HIDUO 138 and hook-lift MULTILIFT ULTIMA 21 S 59 COMMANDER 

As for the Czech Fire Brigades of Vysočina Region situated on the South of the Czech Republic, this is the very first supply of HIAB equipment to this region, but one of several deliveries of HIAB or MULTILIFT equipment for the Fire & Rescue Units whether to the Moravian-Silesian Region or other regions in the Czech Republic.

Two years ago, CONTSYSTEM delivered, for example, a HIAB X-HIPRO 418 crane with an OMARS superstructure for rescuing and towing vehicles on a TATRA chassis for the Fire & Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region. And several other deliveries have been made for Fire & Rescue Units within the Czech Republic recently. 

Photo CONTSYSTEM s.r.o.: loader crane HIAB X-HIPRO 418 delivered to Czech Fire Brigades - one of the recent delivery.


Hydraulic loader cranes HIAB X-HIDUO 138 B-3 for the Czech Fire Brigades of Vysočina Region 

The cranes are equipped with a proportional remote control, have a reach of 10.6 m and a lifting capacity of 11 tm. They are also equipped with many functions that increase the safety of the operator and the environment (eg automatic folding and unfolding of the crane, crane collision detection, crane control stability system that detects the direction of maneuvering with arms and automatically controls the stroke torque limiter) etc. The support legs are hydraulically extendable horizontally and vertically. 

Photo CONTSYSTEM s.r.o.: HIAB X-HIDUO 138 B-3 cranes delivered for the Czech Fire Brigade of the Vysočina Region 


Hooklifts MULTILIFT ULTIMA 21 S 59 COMMANDER and MULTILIFT ULTIMA 14 S 51 for the Rescue Unit of the Czech Fire Brigades in Moravian-Silesian Region 

Both hooklifts, one with a capacity of 14  tons and second with the capacity of 21 tons, are equipped with a sophisticated system of cameras and displays for monitoring the status, displaying the position of the hooklift and hydraulic locks and monitoring warning signals. They are also equipped with a radio remote control and joystick in a cabin with a 10m cable. In addition to many safety functions, both hooklifts are equipped with automatic sequence control, where the loading or unloading takes place with the one control movement. 

Photo CONTSYSTEM s.r.o .: The photo shows two hooklifts for the Rescue Services of the Czech Fire Brigade in Moravian-Silesian Region


The MULTILIFT ULTIMA 21 S 59 COMMANDER unit is used for handling ABROLL containers as well as ISO containers. Its construction includes so-called H-frame with a storage unit, which is used to store and transport the H-frame when it is not in use. This hooklift system adapted for the transport of both, ABROLL and ISO containers is the very first piece of this type built in the Czech Republic. 


See how the CHU works for ISO containers: 

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