Hiab X-HiPro 232 on a removable flatrack platform for a company engaged in repairs, inspections and testing of electrical equipment


For the company JIŘÍ LAZNA, we delivered a TATRA Phoenix 6x6 truck with the loader crane Hiab X-HiPro 232 E-4 mounted on a removable flatrack platform equipped with a MULTITEC container for specific needs. The platform and the crane can be stored, when needed, using the MULTILIFT hooklift which we have delivered as well.

The delivery of the CONTSYSTEM included, in addition to the design of the right solution, an assembly and adjustment of the chassis, also structural modifications related to the strengthening of the supporting frame.

The X-HiPro 232 loader crane with six hydraulic extensions has a lifting capacity of 19.4 tm and an outreach of 17.3 meters. It is equipped with the most sophisticated HiPro control system, radio control and useful functions such as crane tip control, semi-automatic folding and unfolding of the crane, overload protection, stabilization system against load swaying and more.

Basic specification:

Control system: SPACE 4

Control unit: XS Drive, 7 functions

Lifting capacity: 191 kNm  (explanation: with the maximum outreach of 17,2 meters, the lifting capacity reaches 870 kg)

Slewing angle: 415°

Working pressure: 34,5 MPa

Crane weight: 2 575 kg


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