CONTSYSTEM delivered the Low Transportation Height HIAB crane for the Rescue vehicle to the Czech Firefighters


Let us show you a newly completed project of the supply and installation of a HIAB Low Transportation Height loader crane for the Tatra T815/7 6x6 rescue vehicle for Czech Rescue Firefighter Services in Moravian-Silesian Region. The vehicle, which is further equipped with two rope winches and a blade, is designed for various rescue operations.

Low Transportation Height HIAB crane

The special crane with a lifting capacity of 205 kNm and two extensions - Hiab 2222 ATF-2 - is designed to fit the height of the cab profile when folded. The height of the folded crane in the transport position is 1 408 mm.

Extended to 2,9 m the crane can lift 6 600 kg, with a maximum extension of 7 m it lifts a load weighing 2 860 kg. The weight of the crane, including tilting support legs with the spam of 5,8 m, is 3 050 kg.

The crane is controlled by a radio remote control, cable control or manually levers on the control valve and is equipped with functions, such as VSL, ADC, OLP or Automatic switching of SPACE and XS Drive when the crane is idle time.

HIAB and MULTILIFT technique = quality verified by Firefighters

This project belongs to one of a several CONTSYSTEM's deliveries of HIAB technique for Firefighters in the Moravian-Silesian Region or other regions of the Czech Republic. Two years ago, CONTSYSTEM supplied HIAB X-HIPRO 418 crane with the OMARS superstructure for the rescue vehicle on Tatra T815/7 chassis for the Moravian-Silesian Fire and Rescue Services and previously various deliveries of HIAB and MULTILIFT equipment was made to Fire and Rescue Services into other regions of the Czech Republic.

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