MULTILIFT Futura 12 ton skiploader with telescopic arm extension on DAF chassis in superior equipment


The MULTILIFT Futura 12-tonne skiploader with telescopic arm extension on a DAF chassis in superior equipment provides the operator with comfortable work with containers and maximum safety. In addition to useful functions that speed up the loading/unloading of containers, it is equipped, for example, with a built-in radio-controlled container covering system.

Control of the skiploader includes a combination of external lever control and radio (Joystick) remote control with a proportional, two-speed drive of the main arms, rapid movement of the unloaded arms and the ability to independently control the right and left sides of the hooklift. Better productivity is ensured by the third regenerative tipping speed with safety lock. It includes built-in diagnostics indicating defective parts, where the cause of the defect was mechanical damage.

Standard equipment includes:

The above-standard equipment includes:

Basic technical parameters:

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