MULTILIFT expands the existing OPTIMA 20t range. New models 15t and 25t are available


MULTILIFT OPTIMA 20 hooklift is now available in 15 tonne and 25 tonne variant. The producer, brand Multilift, followed up on product innovations in Ultima And Futura range and based on customer and market requirements, expanded the Optima range, which was available in a 20 tonne variant for three-axle chassis. New models in a 15 tonne variant for two-axle and 25 tonne variant for four-axle chassis are now available on the market.

OPTIMA hooklifts are characterized by a lower price compared to the ULTIMA model range and are recommended for repetitive and easier loading / unloading tasks.  They meet the demands of customers who appreciate exactly the load capacity specified by the specification, simple operation and are satisfied with the basic control functions and limited possibilities for additional functions.

As the name implies, the OPTIMA container carrier provides just a quality performance at an optimal price. The Multilift OPTIMA model range includes the following models: OPTIMA 15t, OPTIMA 20t and OPTIMA 25t.

More about the basic and first model Multilift OPTIMA 20: