At CONTSYSTEM, we think ecologically - we use sunlight to produce electricity. We have invested in photovoltaics


By using electricity from newly acquired photovoltaics, we help to save the environment. The electricity from the sun, which we produce in CONTSYSTEM by using solar panels on the own roof of our workshop, is 100% clean and more environmentally friendly, because no fossil fuel had to be extracted and burned for its production, no emissions and other waste and also part of the electricity was not lost during long-distance transmission. In addition, photovoltaic panels and batteries can be completely recycled, which also saves the environment.

Self-sufficiency, environmental friendliness and having the storage of the power in case of power outage were the main factors that led to the decision for this investment. The new photovoltaic system should save us about 50% of electricity.

The electricity produced should cover part of our operating consumption, and in addition it is stored in batteries, which will help us survive unpredictable outages in case of power failure. So we don't have to worry about shutting down a computer network.

And because the efficiency of solar panels and the efficiency of their production is getting higher year by year, we assume that gradually more and more energy will be covered by renewable sources.

We are glad that we can make at least a small contribution to improving the environment and save our planet.