CONTSYSTEM invested in the acquisition of its own promotion SCANIA truck fitted with MULTILIFT Ultima with top features and in best equipment


The Czech dealer of Hiab, CONTSYSTEM decided to purchase and build this brand-new demonstration vehicle from its own resources. The white SCANIA fitted with MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z.61 hooklift will serve to strengthen the MULTILIFT/ HIAB brand on the Czech market and to present all its hi-tech functions to truck dealers in their showrooms, partners and customers at trade fairs and exhibitions. Later will be for sale.

MULTILIFT Ultima’s top features for better control, safety and speed

The 26-ton SCANIA P 450 B6x4NB chassis in white was equipped by CONTSYSTEM with hooklift MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z.61 with an added power package for this new Ultima series. The Ultima range is the latest model from Hiab designed using cutting-edge innovations that ensure better control, safety and productivity in any load.


The Z-type hooklift has an optimized loading height, so it is possible to work in areas with limited height. A very big user  “plus” is the automatic hook height stop and the safety latch automatic opening. The hook stops at a pre-set height and the safety latch opens automatically.

Sophisticated design and 5-year warranty for main frame

The entire hooklift is designed to reduce wear and tear on the main parts of the hooklift, to ensure their protection and thus the required life-spam. The main frame is coated with zinc primer, which supports the stability of the paint, then the high-pressure filter is used, which ensures a clean oil from the pump to the tank and protects the system from destroying. The hooklift is equipped with a main ram protection that prevents damage to the piston rods and a useful friction relief function, where the main cylinders automatically lift the middle frame and maintain a stable position of the container during horizontal movement. Besides, hydraulic body-locks ensure perfect stability of the container during the transport.

More containers per shift

Each driver appreciates two options for control - with a Joystick from the cab or with a second-generation remote control with 14 programmable buttons. Hooklift operation is generally very fast: And what’s more, it is supported by a number of automatic functions such as automatic sequence control, fast speed, fast tipping, fast lowering, safe speed end-of-movement dumping and safe speed based on weight of load. All of these features lead to greater productivity = more containers per shift.


Clear and safe control of the condition of loading and surroundings

The hooklift equipment includes an advanced display that provides information about the vehicle, reports error codes, weighing history, shows the status of locks and automatically switches the camera views of the hook arm during the entire loading cycle. Three cameras are positioned so that the operator has the overall view on the whole loading/unloading cycle. The driver can thus control the hooklift from the comfort of the cab.

There is also an interconnected Hiab HiConnect service, which brings added safety knowledge especially for fleet owners. A load indication weighing system with an accuracy of 2% and a CAN connection is a matter of course.


Loading of short containers and slope detection

The function of semi-automatic loading of short container loading is one of the safety functions preventing short containers falling through the rear rollers. Container scrolling automatically stops at the pre-set position. The innovative slope detection function then prevents the vehicle from overturning when the slope angle exceeds the dangerous value and the driver receives a warning signal.

Elephant as a symbol of Hiab

Vehicle stickers are made according to Hiab design manual. The elephant on the truck cabin as a symbol of the Hiab brand is the dominant element that attracts at first sight.

Show must go on!

CONTSYSTEM plans to take part in a few promotion events and organize special training sessions during the year. The truck will be presented in the special magazine for logistics and transport named “Transport and Logistics”, it is going to be presented at two spring exhibitions of the Association of Public Utilities and the Association of Municipal Services, and then it will be shown in individual showrooms at SCANIA chassis dealers. At the end of the summer, the CONTSYSTEM company will present the vehicle at the special exhibition for the Fire and Municipal technology called KOBIT. And that's not all!

Basic technical data of MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z.61

  • Capacity: 21 tun
  • Hook height: 1570 mm
  • For containers with length: 4,1 – 7,1 m
  • Tipping angle: 49°
  • Min. working height: 3066 mm
  • Max.working pressure: 30 MPa
  • Exact G-length: 6100 mm
  • Body width: 1070 mm
  • Installation height: 250 mm
  • Body weight: 2850 kg
  • Hydraulic tank: 155 l
  • Hydraulic pump: SAP-108