Servisní činnosti


We provide deliveries, installations and complete warranty or post-warranty services and repairs of hydraulic superstructures e.g HIAB, MULTILIFT, LOGLIFT, JONSERED, MOFFETT, STEELBRO, HAMMAR and CO.ME.T, including supplies of the original spare parts. Both the main service center as well as the business and technical department are located in Ostrava. In other regions of the Czech Republic the warranty and post-warranty services and repairs are provided by our contractual service partners.

Our service portfolio


Individual customer projects are carefully prepared based on the needs and customer requests and in cooperation with the truck chassis supplier. We perform the assembly of road load-handling equipment on an existing truck chassis or we carry out a complete car delivery including required handling equipment and accessories. Trucks with a mounted superstructure leave our workshop correctly configured with complete certification and mandatory stability tests.

Service and maintenance

We provide full warranty or post-warranty services and repairs of hydraulic superstructures HIAB, STEELBRO, HAMMAR and CO.ME.T. We are fully equipped for the smooth running of service activities, diagnostics and inspections, including service of hydraulics and electronics.

Service network


We also provide special assessment and welding control after 10 years of operation (applies to loader cranes according to ČSN ISO 9927-1). We only use original spare parts from HIAB and STEELBRO. We ensure that our inspection technicians have valid certifications issued by TIČR Prague.

Training of operators

As an integral part of our services, we provide staff training. We offer the possibility of training specialists for the delivered equipment providing the relevant license.

Spare parts

For repairs and servicing, we use only original spare parts from the manufacturers HIAB, STEELBRO, HAMMAR and CO.ME.T, which guarantees compliance with quality standards not only in our service center but also with our service partners. As a standard, we deliver parts within 3 to 5 days from the date of order. To order spare parts, contact:


Assembly and service center Ostrava::
Lihovarská 2121/85
710 00 Ostrava – Slezská Ostrava
Czech Republic
+420 553 666 612
How to get there: google maps

Head of the service department
Pavel Donát
+420 732 481 295

Opening hours
Monday – Friday     7:00 – 16:00
Saturday - Sunday    closed

Service network


Assembly and service
center Ostrava:

Lihovarská 2121/85
710 00 Ostrava – Slezská Ostrava
Czech Republic

Phone: 553 666 612

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Our workshop

We are a professional and fully equipped service center. We have all diagnostic and other equipment for the smooth diagnostics, assemblies, service activities and repairs.