Hiab loader cranes promise safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance. The range of loader cranes includes many types with different lifting capacities from up to 92 tm, with different types of control systems and all of them offer countless opportunities for adaptation to customers´ needs. Specific lifting capacity and hydraulic outreach depends on the configuration of the certain crane, which we recommend based on specific customer requirements.

Detailed information of certain crane types can be found on the Hiab website.

Basic crane types

Type X
Type X

Traditional crane with hydraulic extensions, where the second boom is tiltable next to the column. Medium range and heavy range crane models can also be equipped with a JIB for extra long outreach.

Type L

Crane with the longer first boom, standard or longer second boom plus hydraulic or mechanical extensions.

Type Z

Similar to L-type crane, which can be folded together with accessories (eg grapples). In the folding position, the second boom is folded above the first boom (inverted folding).

Type S

Special crane used mainly in waste management.

Control system

The control system has the greatest impact on the performance of the crane in terms of load capacity, accuracy, speed, safety and control comfort. There are three types of control systems for HIAB cranes: Duo, HiDuo and HiPro. And depending on the choice of control system, the crane can be controlled either by levers located on the crane base or by an XS Drive or CombiDrive remote control.

Levers Levers XS Drive XS Drive CombiDrive CombiDrive

Boom system

For HIAB cranes, there are several boom systems having different outside and inside lengths, different numbers of extensions and different geometries. A well-chosen boom system (A, P, S, K, L) and link type (B, C, D, E) helps to optimize the crane performance.


Stabilizers are controlled by the levers or remote control and are always hydraulically extendable in height.

  • Manually extendable laterally
    - fixed / manually rotatable / mechanically rotatable
  • Hydraulically extendable laterally
    - fixed / manually rotatable / mechanically rotatable

Standard crane equipment

Standard equipment includes an oil cooler including a high pressure filter, hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank, external display, LED lights,, load hook, 15m cable to the radio controller for emergency control etc.

Additional equipment

Depending on the crane configuration, additional accessories such as winches, JIBs, additional support legs, grapples, pallet forks, weighing systems and many others can be installed

Flexible Rapid Lock System is available for quick accessories replacement:

Safety features

Electronic safety features monitor all crane movements and, in case of danger, discreetly alert the driver and carefully stop the crane.

  • Overload protection
  • Warning
  • Stability system
  • Operator protection
  • and many others

Electronic features to boost productivity

Depending on the type of control system, there is a range of advanced features for the crane improving its operational efficiency and increasing productivity. All electronic functions can be used separately or can be combined.

CTC – Crane Tip Control
SAM – Semi-Automatic Motion
LSS - Load Stabilising System of horizontal / vertical movements
BDA – Boom Deployment Assistant
SAF – Semi-Automatic Folding
VSL – Variable Stability Logistics
About HIAB

About HIAB

Hiab loader cranes have been setting the standard since 1944 HIAB light cranes are made to last, whatever the working conditions. With a durable structure of high-tensile steel, they combine low weight with the capacity to deliver heavy loads. Their soft-sealed couplings withstand vibrations and high pressures to minimise the risk of damage.

Hiab AB is the world’s leading provider of on-road loadhandling equipment, intelligent services and digitally connected solutions. Hiab’s offering encompasses class-leading load handling equipment including HIAB loader cranes, LOGLIFT and JONSERED forestry and recycling cranes, MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts, MULTILIFT demountables, tail lifts under ZEPRO, DEL, and WALTCO brands. Hiab is part of the Cargotec corporation, which covers the brands Hiab, Multilift, Moffett, Kalmar, McGREGOR and others.

Choosing HIAB is more than a choice of world-class engineering. It is also a choice of world-class service and support. Our commitment to quality and reliability applies not only to HIAB loader cranes, but also to parts, services and preventive maintenance.