LOGLIFT forestry cranes are reliable cranes designed for heavy work in hard conditions. They offer an excellent weight-to-load ratio and allow fast and controlled movements. They are designed to meet the specific needs of users and operational requirements. Each LOGLIFT can be adapted to suit the specific way of working.

Detailed information of certain crane types can be found on the website Hiab – Loglift.


S-crane models

For handling cut-to-length logs offers the S-series of cranes. Equipped with an ergonomic control station or the cabin, these cranes are stable and effective to use.

Z-crane models

Z-cranes are designed for trucks in which it is undesirable for the crane to take up loading space. Z-model range includes cranes that fold into the small space and are of a suitable size for any need, from loading cut-to-length logs to loading free-length logs.

Z-crane models with auxiliary cylinder

At the end of the loading process, the Z-crane is folded into a "package" for transport, which places great demands on the design of the mast. The auxiliary cylinder helps to move the first boom from the transport position to the working position.

Z-crane models with power link

The power link makes it possible to increase the lifting capacity when loading very close to the crane mast. The power supply can only be installed on certain types of Loglift cranes.


A well-chosen crane type helps to optimize crane performance.

Z - crane
Cut-to-length crane
Three-length crane


The choice of control systems always depends on the nature and way of working.


  • Direct contact to valve
  • Fixed and Variable system
  • 2+2 (2 levers and 2 pedals)
  • 4+2 (4 levers and 2 pedals)
  • 5+1 (5 levers and 1 pedals)

Hydraulic Pilot Control (HPC)

Available for a certain crane types

  • Fixed and Variable system
  • 2+2 (2 joysticks and 2 pedals)
  • 4+2 (4 levers and 2 pedals)

Electro-Hydraulic (EHC)

Available with cabin models


Fixed Stabilizer beam

Separate Stabilizer beam

Extending of stabilizers:

Hydraulic 0˚ – 180˚

Mechanical 0˚, 40˚, 60˚ a 90˚

The foot-plate on the stabilizers are always solid.


Accessories can be installed depending on the crane configuration


There is a suitable grapple available for every crane, from single log grapples to heavy-duty industrial grapples.

Rotators – The type of connection between the rotator and the hinge can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements for precision and performance.

Weighting systems – a reliable, quick-clamping and easy-to-use scale helps to achieve the maximum payload and at the same time protect against overload.

Vibration dampers – high workloads and fast crane operations can cause the load to swing. The swing damper stabilizes this movement, helps to control the lifted load, reduces the stress and extends the life of components.

Auxiliary stabilizers

LED lighting and more



LOGLIFT is setting high safety standards with SafetyPlus™, HiCab™, and HiVision™. Safety is built in with load indicators, high-boom warning systems, high seats, wide ladders, advanced ergonomics, panoramic windows, and much more.

Every safety feature is designed to keep the operator safe, minimize damage to the external environment, and increase overall productivity. Cranes are packed with functions that assist and guide the driver through the most complex jobs or those that are highly repetitive.

LOGLIFT is part of the Cargotec Group, the world's largest supplier of handling equipment with production plants in ten countries, an extensive worldwide sales and service network and own development center. Cargotec Corporation covers the brands Loglift, Jonsered, Hiab, Multilift, Moffett, Kalmar, McGREGOR and others. The first LOGLIFT FISKARS crane was manufactured in 1966 in Finland.