Jeřáby pro kovošrot JONSERED


JONSERED are reliable cranes for heavy work in the recycling industry and waste management. They offer an excellent weight-to-load ratio, allow fast and controlled movements and are designed to withstand daily intense load cycles. Each JONSERED can be adapted to suit the specific way of working.

Detailed information of certain crane types can be found on the website Hiab – Jonsered.


S-crane model

Fast load cycles are critical in recycling applications. So, you need a boom system that will withstand the strain of repetitive load cycles day in, day out. The S-boom system can be customized for different outreaches. An S-boom crane can either be parked stretched out over the load or platform, or over the truck cab.

Jeřáby typu S
Jeřáby typu Z

Z-crane model

The Z-boom system has excellent loading capacity and durability. Its robust design makes it well suited to high intensity work. It folds up neatly and is parked behind the truck cabin. The lifting geometry is optimized by power link or push-up cylinder, depending on the crane size.

Z-crane models with auxiliary cylinder

At the end of the loading process, the Z-crane is folded into a "package" for transport, which places great demands on the design of the mast. The auxiliary cylinder helps to move the first boom from the transport position to the working position.

Z-crane models with power link

The power link makes it possible to increase the lifting capacity when loading very close to the crane mast. The power supply can only be installed on certain types of Jonsered cranes.


Single or dual stand-up platform

Gives comfort and better view over the working area.

High seat

Centered or side mounted for an elevated view

Premium Top Seat


The choice of control systems always depends on way of working.

Manual control

• 2 levers + 2 pedals

Remote XS drive control

• Levers or Joystick

Remote control is only possible if the crane is equipped with the Safety R + S safety system.


Fixed Stabilizer beam

Separate Stabilizer beam

Extending of stabilizers:

Hydraulic 0˚ – 180˚

Mechanical 0˚, 40˚, 60˚ a 90˚


JONSERED recycling crane range is equipped with the safety features needed to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible:


The Safety+R system for JONSERED recycling cranes is an electronic crane control system that is packed with important safety features that help get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. The control system contains a number of indicators and sensors that monitor crane operation. This information enables the control system to optimize crane performance and prevent hazardous crane movements.

  • VSL increases stability without compromising efficiency
  • Over Load Protection (OLP)
  • Operators Protection System (OPS), a virtual drivers safety cage when operating from the stand-up platform
  • Load Holding Valve (LHV) that safely holds the load in case of hose failure


Safety+RS is an electronic crane control system based on Hiab SPACE X4. The control system contains a number of indicators and sensors monitoring for example load, position and movements. With this information the control system can optimize crane performance and prevent hazardous movements and speed.

  • Rated capacity indicator
  • Overload Protection for lifting (OLP)
  • Over Turn Protection for digging (OTP)
  • Stabilizers deployment monitoring (VSL on/off)
  • Transport Warning Interface TWI
  • STOP push button
  • Vehicle’s engine to idle (engine stop not available!)
  • Dumping of oil


Accessories can be installed depending on the crane configuration


There is a suitable grapple available for every crane, from single log grapples to heavy-duty industrial grapples.

Rotators — The type of connection between the rotator and the hinge can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements for precision and performance.

Pallet forks

Grapples for building industry

Weighting systems – a reliable, quick-clamping and easy-to-use scale helps to achieve the maximum payload and at the same time protect against overload.

Vibration dampers – high workloads and fast crane operations can cause the load to swing. The swing damper stabilizes this movement, helps to control the lifted load, reduces the stress and extends the life of components.

Auxiliary stabilizers

LED lighting

and more


The powerful JONSERED slewing system features a double rack design that is especially suitable for heavy duty applications. It ensures a smooth start and high torque, with reliable operation even on inclines and slopes. This keeps your productivity up and your maintenance needs down.

The first JONSERED ZB crane, built in 1961, was used by forest workers in Sweden to lift and transport timber. However, the emergence of the recycling industry as a key sector for modern society was a great opportunity for JONSERED to take advantage of a gap in the market and follow the path of the world leader in sustainable industry.

JONSERED is part of the Cargotec Group, the world's largest supplier of handling equipment with production plants in ten countries, an extensive worldwide sales and service network and own development department. Cargotec Corporation covers the brands Loglift, Jonsered, Hiab, Multilift, Moffett, Kalmar, McGREGOR and others.