Sidelifters STEELBRO

Sidelifters STEELBRO

Fast, efficient, versatile, safe. STEELBRO Sidelifters are your most cost-effective solution for ground transport container handling. Sidelifters are standardly used for handling ISO containers 1x40‘, 1x20‘or 2x20 ‘or so-called hi-cube containers. The construction of the device allows to load and unload containers from the ground, from the rail or double stack the containers. The device can be mounted either on separate vehicles (container handling up to 20‘) or on semi-trailers (container handling up to 40‘).

Our range includes sidelifters of various capacities, from 12 to 45 tons with a reach of up to 4.05 m. All of them are designed for comfortable operation increasing the speed and comfort of handling.






Depending on the type of handling, the sidelifter can be designed with the top-lift frame, which shortens the time and generally facilitates handling or lifting chains.

Depending on the side to which the loading is performed- left-hand
- right-hand

Remote controlThe standard is an internationally approved remote control with a 10meter cable. Most types come with two-speed control. The safety of handling is ensured by the SMARTlift safety system, which monitors the entire course of loading and unloading of the container.

Additional equipment The standard equipment of each sidelifter includes a SmartLift control unit, remote control (wireless), proximity sensors and lights, work lights on stabilizers, Kubota V2403-M Diesel 12V drive unit, lifting chains with shorteners.



The state-of-the-art technology and durability of STEELBRO equipment, combined with quality customer service, are two main reasons why these sidelifters are popular all over the world.

Since 1979, when STEELBRO ™ first committed itself to developing a concept for the transport and handling of ISO containers, STEELBRO sidelifters have become synonymous for efficient handling and are recognized worldwide for their design and technical innovation.

Brothers Joseph and David Steel founded the original company Steel Bros.Coach Factory in Christchurch, New Zealand with a capital of just £ 5. In 1895, Steel Bros. employed more than 22 employees and they gradually managed to gain a good reputation and nowadays STEELBRO™ is considered one of the most respected and well-known manufacturers of self-loading cranes worldwide.