MOFFET three-wheel forklifts provide fast, safe and comfortable delivery of material and goods right "to the customer's house", including the unloading of the load to the designated place. MOFFETT is designed to be stored and transported on the back of a truck or trailer giving the driver its own and independent way of loading and unloading. At the destination, the truck can be prepared for unloading / loading (removed from the truck and reattached to the truck) in approximately one minute.

Detailed information of certain Moffet types can be found on website Hiab – Moffett.

More about concept MOFFETT

Model range

The wide range of truck-mounted forklifts allows the operator to handle loads from 1.5 to 3.5 ton. Unlike conventional industrial forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts can also be used in places with problematic accessibility and cross-country permeability. There are several types according to the industry application and a way of use.

City distribution

The highly manoeuvrable truck-mounted forklift is ideal for urban deliveries in locations where access is restricted and low noise is paramount. Deliveries are made without any engine noise or emissions, allowing the operator to travel right to the point of delivery.

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Building supplies

Most sites are congested and difficult to get to – littered with machinery, equipment and materials. You need a machine that uses less manual labour and enables faster load handling. But most importantly you need a highly manoeuvrable machine that can get around construction sites with agility. You need MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts.

Industrial GAS/LPG

For handling potentially flammable containers, explore why MOFFETT is recognised as a market leader when it comes to safety, efficiency and speed. The MOFFETT truck-mounted forklift offers excellent all-round visibility. At all times, the operator is aware of his surroundings


There is a suitable and adapted solution for any use of MOFFETT forklifts:

different stroke heights
different types of tires
fork selection
fixed mast / moving mast
four-way wheel drive
a range of smart features such as Lift Assist®, GroundStartTM etc.


Technical facts Urban/outside to inside Urban distribution Urban distribution Semi-industrial distribution Rough-terrain applications Industrial/Rough terrain Live poultry haulage
Lift Capacity (kg) 1 2000 - 2 000 1 500 2 000 - 2 500 2 000 - 2 500 2 500 - 3 500 2 700 3 000
Lift height (mm) 2 200 – 3 660 2 200 2 200 – 4 040 2 200 - 4 040 3 040 – 4 040 3 150 – 3 660 3 300
Drive wheels 1 1 1/3 3 3 3 3
4-way steering ano ano ano


Combination Kit
Hook on Kit / Draw Bar
Demountable / Flat Rack Kit
Sliding Box Kit
Rear Deck Mounted Kit
Smooth Ride Kit
Side Deck Mounted Kit


Standard equipment includes beacons and work lights, reverse buzzer, vehicle lights and seat belts, differential lock for better grip when driving in difficult terrain, moto-hour counter, front wheel stabilizers and many others.


Depending on the use and configuration of the truck, various accessories can be installed, such as:

Fork positioner

Fork positioner

Reach forks

Reach forks



Fork extension

Fork extension

Pantograf Reach

Pantograf Reach


By type of truck, there is a list of advanced features that improve its operational efficiency and increase productivity.

Ground StartTM

Enhancing safety. With GroundStart as standard, dismounting the M4 NX is now even easier for the operator no matter the location.

Super Reach®

Extended reach with SuperReach. The combination of a Lift Assist® arm and a pantograph reach device or telescopic fork enables you to load and offload from the far side of a fully loaded truck at full lift capacity. [Optional Feature]

Řízení ve čtyřech směrech

All of the wheels on MOFFETT 4-way models can be rotated independently for lateral movement when handling wide loads or negotiating narrow pathways. This helps it wriggle through confined spaces with ease. [Optional Feature]


Truck-mounted forklift Moffett does not have a counterweight at the rear, but a horizontally mounted movable column, the position of which determines the position of the center of gravity when the truck is empty and the combined center of gravity when it is loaded.

Moffett has stabilizers in front of the wheels, which become the pivot point when lowering the load (they move from the center of the front wheel to the point of contact with the ground). This allows the forklift to increase the rated load.

The premium quality of the steel guarantees the structural strength of the Moffett device during continuous operation. Warranty on the load-bearing parts of the structure is extended to 5 years.

The special nDurance anti-corrosion treatment provides maximum protection against the weather conditions to which Hiab machines are exposed every day.

Spare parts specially designed for Moffett equipment achieving the required quality, durability and reliability.

The Irish company Moffett Engineering Limited is the world's leading manufacturer of MOFFETT forklifts with a history of more than 70 years. Moffett is part of the Cargotec corporation covering the brands Hiab, Multilift, Kalmar, McGREGOR and others.